Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two Dogs Dining

This video made us laugh. And laugh. And laugh. For those of us who have pups that eat with forks, you'll enjoy it, too.

Two Dogs Dining

Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring Buckets

We've gone a little bucket crazy here at Dab Hands. But they're such handy things. You can use them as favors for events like weddings, baby showers and parties. Or how about to hold your pens and paperclips? Maybe slip in a glass votive holder and fill it full of violets and forget-me-nots when they appear? 

And while we love our handsome old rustic wood buckets, we wanted a few to celebrate SPRING (yes, it deserves all capitals)!

So here's our set of 5 pastel buckets

And we're offering these two colors individually.

Who knows what other colors we might come up with. If you have a special event or just have a favorite color, contact us via an Etsy convo or message us on our Facebook page and we'll be delighted to create something just for you.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cherry Nut Cake

Did you know we're on Pinterest? Come visit our boards and follow us. You'll find great garden photos, lots of Etsy stuff, random fun, adorable pets (wild and tame!) and delicious food. 
Like this Cherry Nut Cake.

Rustic Wood Bucket

These buckets have quickly become our most popular item. We're expanding our colors this spring. Rustic, pastels, custom colors - we can create most any color combination. Buy one, buy two, buy twenty!

West Quoddy Lighthouse

We love lighthouses and simply had to create these to remind us of our favorite one - West Quoddy in Lubec, Maine.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chapel Birdhouse

All sorts of new and exciting things are happening at Dab Hands. We're adding new products often and can't wait to showcase them all here. First up - our chapel birdhouse

 More to come!