Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our new pup

OK, so he's a virtual pup, but that means you can play with him, too! On the right side of the page scroll down and you'll see him waiting for you. Click on the first two buttons to feed him, click on the white arrow to get his attention. The black arrow gets him to sit, click twice for lie down, 3 times for stretch out and hold down your left mouse clicker and make a circle around him to get him to roll over. My personal favorite is when you click on his ball and he chases it. Click on the little movie camera button and you can follow the chase. Leave him alone for a bit and he'll pace, have something to eat and drink, then fall asleep.

I love fun, silly stuff like this!

I've named the fish - or 1 at least. Now we must think up a good name for this cute pup! Suggestions?

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